Virtual Public Relations positions companies for success and profitability. We develop strategies, business plans, corporate messaging and communications plans and execute them with exceptional results. We talk to VCs, the press, analysts, customers and industry influencers to make sure the world knows how wonderful you are. We help you develop strategic partnerships. We make your customers happy and help you get more customers. We travel the world launching companies and products and have a great deal of success and fun doing it.

With 20 years of experience, Virtual PR knows what it takes to make a company great. Beyond intelligence and a good product, you must have passion and purpose. We work extremely hard to make the most of every opportunity, and create new opportunities to forge new frontiers. We are bold yet considerate, hard-working yet humorous, and listen to ideas from every part of the company.

One thing you need to know. We donít pontificate from an ivory tower. We roll up our sleeves and get the job done. We believe in teamwork. We all work hard together, and we all drink champagne together to celebrate our success. Thatís Partnership. Thatís Life.

Hire Us. We Have A Track Record Of Making Companies Successful.