Case Study:
Fiber Optics/Semiconductors
Launching A Start-Up

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Situation Analysis

Bay Microsystems was founded by some of the executives from LSI Logic, where Carey Mitchell, the founder of Virtual PR, had worked before. The mission was to develop network processors for next-generation, optical Internet applications.  Bay knew Carey’s success rate at LSI Logic, and said they would not think of hiring anyone else to launch their company. A start-up in the true sense of the word, Bay Microsystems called Virtual PR just as they were developing their strategies, business plan, corporate positioning and all corporate materials.

Enter Virtual PR

Virtual PR came in and became the entire Corporate Communications Department and a strong business consultant for Bay Microsystems. Virtual PR re-wrote portions of the business plan, helped developed the messaging and presentations to the VCs, analysts and press, and attended Board Meetings for the company. Virtual PR also wrote all the corporate materials, managed press and analysts relationships, and wrote and developed the website from scratch.


To make a long story of hard work short, when the company was launched, Virtual PR solidified not one, but FIVE cover stories in the top tier publications. The launch was so successful that Bay Microsystems was noted as one of the top companies to watch on Wall Street.  The COO threw a sushi party to thank Virtual PR, and one of the investors was so excited, his firm doubled the amount of money they invested in the company. We kicked booty.