Case Study:
Wireless/Telecom/Health Care
Expanding To International Markets


Situation Analysis

Cylink Wireless (a smaller division of P.Com) determined it was easier and more profitable to install their wireless modems in regions that did not have an existing communications infrastructure, rather than replacing an older system. Therefore, their target markets included underdeveloped regions in Mexico, China, India, Dubai and Rio de Janeiro. They had limited presence in these countries. The sales force did not have enough success stories to leverage to gain credibility in the market. We needed to work with the governments of these countries to gain large sales wins.

Enter Virtual PR

Virtual PR started digging to find out what we really had to work with. After interviewing international sales agents, we found some deals we could capitalize on. The biggest company name to work with was Intel, who was using Cylink’s products to set up video conferencing sessions between doctors. The doctors in India were teaching the doctors in Canada how to do open heart surgery on new born infants. No one else would dare do surgery on infants due to legal issues.

We also found out that the government of Dubai was interested in using Cylink’s Wireless products for their broadcast communications initiatives. China was also interested in the modems for railroad and transportation applications.

Virtual PR and the international sales agents went to China, India and Dubai. We met with government agents in each country to give them a demo of the product. We also held press tours with local editors and analysts to launch the new product. Virtual PR gave customers presentations on co-op marketing programs, interviewed customers for application stories, and gave week long intensive courses on the basics of PR to the multi-linguistic office personnel.  This would help Cylink execute the PR directives from corporate headquarters and while maintaining on-going relationships in each country.

Last but not least, Virtual PR interviewed the doctors, got all the necessary clearances from the hospital and VSNL, and wrote and directed the video for the open heart surgery on infants story.


The results of the tour were exceptional. Virtual PR solidified a cover stories in each country. We also developed customer application stories that were published in international trade publications. This helped the sales force gain credibility in the transportation, utilities, broadcast communication, health care, and distance learning markets. We wrote an internal communications newsletter to enable the sales force to collaborate and cross reference design wins to meet the global vision for Cylink Wireless.

However, the most “heart warming” story was that a video that demonstrated how to do collaborative open heart surgery by Dr. K. R. Balakirshnan in India was widely published by health care organizations throughout the world. Today there are many doctors doing open heart surgery on new born infants around the globe. We are very thankful to Doctor Bala and his team from the Sri Ramachandra hospital in India for their contribution to saving the lives of countless children all over the world.


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