Case Study:
Semiconductors/Networking/Digital Solutions
Becoming An Industry Standard Product


Situation Analysis

LSI Logic hired Carey Mitchell, before she founded Virtual PR to manage the public relations for seven divisions of LSI Logic’s products including Audio and Digital Compression, Digital Imaging, CoreWare, Networking, CPUs and Corporate PR. She did many product launches during her tenure there, but this is just one example.

LSI was announcing a new chip for the networking sector called the ATMizer. During our initial calls to analysts, we found out that several other companies were also launching ATM chips at Interop Paris. Our mission: To nip the competition in the bud and come out the industry leader at the launch.

Enter Carey Mitchell

Carey knew that the way to get ahead of the crowd was to have the first customer. No one else had this. LSI was working on a deal with Newbridge in Canada, but the deal was not inked yet. Carey wrote the press release anyway, had it approved by Newbridge. When we interviewed with editors we told them we had a customer and would send them the release in time for them to run the story. As soon as the deal was signed in Paris, a broadcast email was sent to all the editors we had interviewed previously. These editors then added LSI’s hot customer news to their stories that ran the next day.


The result was five cover stories for the product launch and LSI came out as the clear industry leader and ahead of the competition in all the articles written.  The campaign continued and the ATMizer was soon written up as the “industry standard” ATM product.