Case Study:
Enterprise Software/Process Automation
Re-Positioning For The Changing Market

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Situation Analysis

TIDAL Software, a job scheduling and workload management company, was doing well financially but had the same customers for the past 20 years. Most of their customers were in the industrial automation space, such as General Mills, etc. In order to keep investors happy, TIDAL was asked to “refresh” their company image-- to get hip, change their clothes, and start competing in a more “sexy” market, like e-commerce.

Enter Virtual PR

TIDAL hired Virtual PR as the Virtual Director of Corporate Communications, reporting to the VP. Virtual PR worked on re-positioning the company, while managing the corporate communications team, and doing the hands-on PR work. Virtual PR also managed the co-op marketing partnerships with HP, Microsoft, Dell, E*Trade, SAP and Peoplesoft. The partnerships were solid, but we needed e-commerce customers. In a creative brainstorm, we decided to give the software away to the top companies we would like to work with, then charge them a subscription fee. This would give us the right customers, and the credibility we needed to get more customers. We worked very hard on re-positioning the corporate messaging then giving the new company focus to analysts and press.


The strategy turned out to have impeccable timing. Microsoft was just about to launch Windows 2000 and was positioning it as an operating system for the datacenter. We knew that Microsoft’s Treasury Department was using TIDAL Software and Windows 2000 in their datacenter to manage the corporate finances because we gave them the software. It was a 60,000 computer application.

When Microsoft called all their strategic partners up to a three day planning session in Las Vegas, they explained their strategy to go after the datacenter. The Virtual PR executive present at the event grabbed a sandwich and sat right next to the speaker and pitched the Microsoft Treasury Department story. At first Microsoft was hesitant to share the limelight of the Windows 2000 launch with a company the size of TIDAL Software. However, after months of persistence, negotiation and writing by Virtual PR, TIDAL Software was co-featured in the cover story for the Windows 2000 launch. This cover story went to over 1 million people. This greatly helped in re-positioning the company and empowering the sales force. Virtual PR also developed co-op marketing programs and developed customer stories with E*Trade, SAP, Dell and other partnerships and got them published in the major trade publications. Mission accomplished.