Case Study:
Consumer Electronics/Semiconductors/Digital Solutions
From Small Company To Industry Leader


Situation Analysis

Zoran Corporation is a digital solutions company for the DVD, digital camera, digital imaging, digital TV and mobile consumer electronics market. Most of their technology was developed in Israel.  They needed a strong marketing and corporate presence in the United States and Asia. Zoran had developed powerful relationships with key manufacturers of consumer electronic products, but the fact that Zoran’s chips were the power behind these products was unknown to editors, analysts, and the general public.  Zoran needed the equivalent of an “Intel Inside” campaign to increase awareness of their superior technology, and to increase the number of design wins in the consumer electronic markets worldwide.

Enter Virtual PR

Virtual PR worked as a consultant to MCA, who was the agency on this account. Virtual PR worked on-site at Zoran everyday for several years as a “virtual employee” of MCA and really of Zoran.  Virtual PR started developing co-op marketing relationships with Sony, Dolby Digital, Sharp, Casio, AVID, Adobe, Omega, Panasonic, Pioneer and distributors in the US, Europe and ASIA. These strategic co-op partnerships maximized dollars and increased exposure of Zoran’s contribution the consumer electronic markets worldwide. VPR also developed strategies, messaging and went on press tours for each individual market segment to get the word out to the editorial and analysts communities. The on-going hard hitting press and relationship management paid off.


Today, Zoran is an industry leader in audio and video compression technology worldwide. Their products are recognized as high-quality and necessary components to develop next generation products for the consumer electronics, DVD, music, digital imaging, mobile, digital TV and gaming markets. The company enjoys much earned success and is considered a great place to work by employees. Zoran has been nominated to receive the 2005 FSA Most Respected Fabless Company Award.

Side note: A few years ago, George Haber, one off the Zoran executives was so happy with Virtual PR’s work that he asked Carey Mitchell to work full time in-house for him in launching a new spin-off company called GigaPixel where they were developing a little product called the “X box”…

(Yes George, I have kicked myself for saying no… how did I know you would be bought by Microsoft? :( )

I guess everyone has at least one would-a, could-a, should-a…

Carry On. I can do it again.