How We Work

Virtual PR works with long term clients and manages their budgets according to changing needs of the department or corporation. 

With over 20 years of experience, Virtual PR’s principals are basically three people in one. We provide our clients with a “virtual employee” that can “switch hats” and “pitch hit” to meet the corporate needs and the schedules of the product launches.

Virtual PR also serves as a business consultant for our clients. As we live and breathe your technology everyday, we come up with new insights to help you reach and often exceed your business goals. Virtual PR serves as:

A “Virtual PR” Department For Start-ups & Mid-sized Companies

The principals at Virtual PR have launched over 40 start-ups in their career.  Virtual PR can serve as the entire “Virtual PR” department or as a Senior Director/VP of a group.

We know how to start from scratch. We develop the strategy and messaging, the business plan, the presentations to VCs, write the website, develop all corporate materials, and work with designers.  Once the positioning and corporate materials are complete, we pitch to the press and analysts and get you great coverage to put you on the map. Then we work to keep you in front of the press and to gain customers. We also can help you develop strategic relationships that are critical to your success and to getting acquired, if that is what you want.

Extra Help For PR Agencies

Virtual PR enables agencies to get help right away to keep their main customers happy, while not paying for a full time VP.  Virtual PR also trains junior level people to enable them to increase their skill set and advance to the next level.  We also have been very successful in helping agencies bring in new business, and, then of course, worked on those accounts.

Agencies that have used Virtual PR principals for long term clients include Tsantes Associates (now Porter Novelli), The LeapFrog Group, Oak Ridge PR, Thomas Associates, Cintara, and MCA.

In every case where an organization has hired Virtual PR on a main account, Virtual PR worked for many years on that same account as a “virtual employee” of the agency (seamless to the client), in a very positive, mutually beneficial and respectful way.

A Consultant For Fortune 500 Companies

Sometimes corporations need extra help in launching an important product or re-positioning their organization or product line for greater success. They need “fresh eyes” and innovative ideas. Quite frankly, sometimes they just need to keep their existing customers happier or find ways to cut the sales cycle to get new customers faster.

Virtual PR looks at your processes and avenues for reaching customers and influencers. We determine what systems can be “stream-lined”, added or changed so you can get a bigger bang for your buck and maximize your corporate resources.

Once the action plan is developed, Virtual PR works with corporate management to execute the empowered objectives to increase profitability, market share and reach business goals.