Our Values

The Mindset of Winners

Be A Team Player

The principals at Virtual PR are guided by simple principles. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. They are people with integrity and expect integrity return. They are honest, down to earth people who thrive on open communication and respect for others ideas, belief systems, and lives in general. They believe that positive motivation and inspiration not only results in a better work environment and longevity of employees, but in more creative ideas and higher quality results in meeting the company’s business and financial goals.

Listen, Everyone Is Smart

Let’s face it. Everyone has won an award or is famous for something and they want to continue to be successful in the future. The key is to keep listening. Great ideas that can come from anyone inside or outside the company. Virtual PR’s goal is to get the company in the strongest market position possible. And we do that in spades. We strive to develop a working partnership that makes life less stressful for you, while making you a hero at the same time. Everybody wins.

Roll Up Your Sleeves And Find A Way

Virtual PR makes things happen. If your resources are small, we go on a “treasure hunt” to see what you do have that can be capitalized on. We also help you “piggy back” or partner with the big boys (or at least people slightly bigger than you) to create more of a presence in the market.  Virtual PR specializes in making the most out of what you have, creating new things you don’t have, developing and managing strategic partnerships, and positioning you for success in the future.

Be Different

The market is dynamic and competition is fierce. Our experience tells us that there is no “cookie cutter” approach to PR.  Virtual PR executives are quick studies. We look at changes in the market not as something to be feared, but as opportunities to be conquered. We have the experience level to know 20 different ways to skin a cat, and find new angles to get the job done. Virtual PR finds ways to meet your business objectives, while keeping and managing the budget, and positioning the company for greater profitability.

Be Thankful

Thankfulness and giving back are keys to success. In this world when competitiveness is at its prime, relationships win. The person who was your competitor at one company may soon become your customer at the next company. Integrity and wisdom are long term character traits, not to be practiced out of stoic obligation, but out of thankfulness and the ultimate understanding that life, and business is all about “the team”.