What We Do

We help you in the following areas:

Strategy: What does your company need to accomplish? We help determine the most important objectives and the fastest, most cost-effective way to get there.

Business Plans: You can’t get anywhere without a plan. We help you write the plan, review existing plans and find out what is the most important things to do first, like get funding or more customers would be nice. We ask questions if pieces of the plan are missing and add information that makes your plans more powerful.

VC Presentations: Again, we work with you to develop the presentations from scratch, make sure you are not burying the lead, and make your presentation harder-hitting and more succinct to get the point across and not waste time.

Corporate Positioning/Re-positioning: First time, second time, third time..? How many times have you re-positioned yourself? Beyond the buzz words, let’s get to what you offer that will stay for the long term and give you a powerful, compelling way to get ahead of the crowd. And, let’s back it up with real people, customers and solid facts.

Corporate Communications Plans: Where are the best places to spend your money where you get the highest impact and the greatest quality customers? What should be done first, second, at the same time? Who can we piggy-back on or partner with to gain greater awareness? We think this through and develop a plan of action.

Writing, Writing, Writing: We built our company on being exceptional writers. That goes for every type of writing, press releases, plans, presentations, scripts, you name it.

On-going Public Relations: Developing messaging, making on-going calls to the press and analysts, keeping a pulse on the market, and making sure your name stays out there are the basics of PR.

Web Casting And Webinars: Online seminars and web casting are a powerful and cost-effective tool to educate prospective customers, investors, editors and analysts and train personnel. It is great to have online presentations saved on your site in the general site or in a "partners only " section  for future reference. People feel solid with more interactive information.

Blog Creation And Monitoring: Let's face it. Blogs are the new way to see what people on the street are saying about your product. Not just editors and analysts where the company spokesperson tells them the positioning of the company, but what the real customers say and how they feel about the product and your competition. This is critical information for next generation products and marketing efforts. Customer satisfaction is key. Two-way feedback is encouraged. 

Strategic Partnerships: This is something Virtual PR is very strong in. We do the work; they pay for the dissemination of information to a larger potential customer base than you can get to on your own. You get joint coverage with a big name and a better reputation. Sounds like a good deal to me…

New Business Development: Helping our clients gain new customers is also something Virtual PR excels in.  Not everyone likes to be in public and give presentations. We actually think this is fun and enjoy the interaction and finding just the perfect solution for the companies we wish to build relationships with. They pick us because we are not cookie cutter and do our homework, and actually listen to their needs.

Company Launches: Virtual PR has launched over 40 companies. Many of them have gained multiple cover stories and increased monies from investors after the launch, others have been acquired…any questions?

Product Launches: We can’t count how many product launches we have done in 20 years, but suffice to say, we know what we are doing and gain great coverage and credibility in the market.

Distribution Channel PR: This has become increasingly important to remain competitive and maximize dollars. Sometimes a “power dinner” with a distributor or channel partner where we discuss a co-op marketing program accomplishes more than 6 months or work in other disciplines. We work smarter.

Press And Analyst Relationships: Relationships are key. Editors and analysts trust us and print what we give them. This is Good News.

Customer Relationships/Co-Op Marketing: Customers are now partners to help you get other customers. Find out how you can help THEM be successful and you’ll be ahead of the game. This is especially true in international markets where you have less of a presence. Virtual PR helps you use the locals and manage from headquarters.

Advertising: Internet advertising is obviously the most cost-effective medium, however you need to know where you can catch the most eyeballs and/or ears. In a world where many people are giving things away for free, the real question is, how do you monetize the eyeballs viewing these sites? The answer for these emerging “free product companies” is advertising. You need to find the sites with the most volume of potential customers with a unique offering for your advertising dollars. There may be some innovative new ways to advertise with the emerging technologies. Virtual PR finds the best places for on-line advertising.

Direct Mail: Depending on the industry segment and what you are trying to accomplish, this can still be effective if targeted and consistent. Not to be used alone, without face-to face back-up or you are wasting your money. Virtual PR lets you know if this is the right thing for you and how to be “targeted”.

Conferences: Always good for gaining credibility and face-to face time, which again, can be a forgotten at times. We solidify speaking engagements for you and book interviews with key influencers.

On-Line Marketing: Is the biggest bang for your buck, but it does not always “close” the deal. Use in conjunction with other practices, not as a stand-alone campaign. We know the right mix based on your budget, time frames, lead generation and follow-up infrastructures and corporate objectives.